Wired and Wireless Networking

Are you in need of wired or wireless networking to extend the internet connectivity for all of your smart devices, tablets, computers, or laptops?

Having internet connectivity issues? Can’t connect you your wireless network any longer? Have wireless connectivity, but need to make sure it is setup and secured properly? Are your wireless internet devices running slow while trying to access web pages and other applications?

Our certified and trained technicians in Henderson, Nevada and the surround Las Vegas Valley can assist you with setup and installation of your own equipment, or provided the needed equipment necessary.

Our skilled technicians are proficient in the setup and installation of your wired and wireless network equipment to ensure it functions at optimal performance. We take every precaution to harden and secure your wireless access to your devices to ensure only those authorized to have access to your internet connection and other networked devices.

The setup and security of your wireless router and devices should be a top priority for you personally and the company you rely on for the installation procedure.

Improper configuration or security settings can leave all of your networked devices vulnerable to unauthorized access. In the instance of an insecure wireless network another individual could connect to your wireless network and utilize your internet connection to download harmful or illegal material while connected that could be traced back to you. These actions, if severe enough, could also result in your internet service provider (ISP) terminating your internet services and refusing to grant you access again. Also if another person is able to connect to your network there is a good chance they can access files and other personal information that resides on your personal computer. This increases your risk of potential identity theft and other illegal and possible harmful actions.

We take the stress out of this service and many other computer repair services for our customers. While our customers always have the last say on what procedures, restriction, and security procedures are implemented, our technicians will always provide you with the most reliable and secure advice on the best direction to take for your individual situation.

Looking for networking assistance for your business? Check our 27/7/365 Network Monitoring that is included with our IT Managed Services plans.
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