Virus & Malware Infection Remediation

Experiencing popup’s, a slow computer, voices from your computer advising that you have been compromised? Then our virus and malware removal services in Henderson, Nevada are exactly what you need to resolve these problems.

Our technicians are very skilled in the detection and removal process of viruses, adware, Trojans, bloatware, spyware, rootkits, worms, browser redirects, ransom ware, browser hijackers, scare ware, potentially unwanted programs, and many other forms of malicious programs designed to cause issues with your personal computer.

We provide our virus and malware services along with many other aspects of computer repair at our Henderson Nevada location, Boulder City office, as well as the surrounding Las Vegas Valley.

The security and integrity of your personal computer are imperative in our current digital age.

An infected and compromised system allows malicious individuals to access and most often destroy your personal data and memories that are housed on your personal computer. Infected computers also lead to identity theft as well as credit and debit card fraud and is estimated at a cost of almost twenty-five (25) billion dollars. Often times a system is infected with scareware that attempts to intimidate an individual by performing a fake scan on the computer and then alerting that the system has thousands of infections. After the fake scan has completed the software creates a popup that offers the option to remove the infections if you purchase the full version of the program utilizing a credit card. Once you have purchased said software, you only receive a file that hides the infection that is on your computer and does not actually remove it. The hidden infection could now allow remote access by malicious users to obtain further information for identity theft.

The other common problem is that now you have provided your credit or debit card information to a person who is also likely to utilize that information to make unauthorized purchases on your account.

While navigating the digital age can indeed be scary we are here to assist and help ease the stress that can be associated with situations as described above. Our computer repair technicians can remove the infections you may have already incurred while using your personal computer and also advise you of the best options to protect yourself from further identity theft issues.

The process:

If our technicians suspect an infection on the system they will respond to the client’s location to perform a quick scan with one of our utilities to confirm the system is compromised.

While our technicians are always happy to perform all services on-site at the clients residential location, we normally recommend having our technician take your system back to one of our psychical locations to perform the cleanup. This often works out much better from a financial standpoint from our clients as we are able to charge a flat labor rate to resolve the infection instead of an hourly on-site fee.

When dealing with virus and malware removal a technician normally has to employ 8-12 tools, utilities, and scanners to cleanup and remove the infections on your personal computer. It is very common for these scans to take an hour or more each in order to run and perform the cleanup process. After all of the utilities have been utilized our technicians often have to also perform some manual process to complete the cleanup.

Have a business computer that is compromised? We offer the same virus and malware remediation along with intrusion and infection monitoring in our IT Managed Services packages.
Is your personal computer experiencing issues not related to an infection? Then checkout our other Residential Computer Repair Services.

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