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Are your business servers receiving the support, patch management, general maintenance, and monitoring that are required to ensure your businesses continuity? If not than our server management services may be the resolution you are seeking.

Do you know when the last time was that your server was updated with security patches?

When was the last time your server was upgraded or replaced?

Do you know the current health and status of the components that keep your server functional?

When was the last security audit performed on your server? If ever?

Is you server anti-virus current and providing proper protection for your network and IT assets?

Do you know the current status of your business data located on your company server?

With our Server Management and IT Managed Service solutions in Henderson Nevada, Boulder City, and the Las Vegas Valley we can ensure the integrity and continuity of your server as well as other business network equipment.

Your business server is normally the most important device connected to your network. The server provides a foundation for most if not all of your business functions through-out the work day. If the business server has been set up correctly you will commonly find all of the businesses critical data as well as all of the line of business applications installed within its operating system. The server also provides security and access management to company data to ensure that only users with properly grated access can view, edit, and manipulate the data stored within its drives.

The above reason are why a business’s server plays such a critical role in the overall company network. This is also why it is important to ensure that the health, protection, and maintenance is well maintained on these devices. If you experience an issue with the company server you will likely end up with all of your employees unable to perform their daily business functions.

We aim to solve that problem and eliminate the chances of your company and employees experiencing downtime related to infections from out of date Anti-Virus, crashes from bad windows updates (patches), or general hardware and software failure.

Our server management solutions include:

  • 24/7/365 Network and Server Monitoring
  • Server Software and Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Local and Cloud Backup Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus Software Monitoring
  • Data Auditing
  • User Configuration
  • Access Controls
  • Security Audits
  • Reporting via our proprietary Remote IT Management Software

If you are experiencing issues with your business server or your company has other networking and technology needs to which you could use assistance, our certified technicians are here to provide solutions to your networking problems.

Give us a call or contact us below to see how we can get your network and systems up to a more reliable standard that your business deserves.

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