Residential Computer Repair in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas

PC | MAC | Mobile Device Support

We offer a wide range of computer services and repairs that encompasses all major brands, with a vast knowledge of MAC (Apple) computers, PC Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Devices (Smartphones).

Virus & Malware Removal

Popup’s? Slow Computer? System blue screens or shuts down on its own? Viruses, Spyware, and Malware equate to over 85% of the problems a user experiences while utilizing their personal computer. We have qualified technicians that can cleanup your system and offer advice on methods to help keep your system protected in the future.

Data Recovery Services

We have some of the most secure and redundant data backup recovery procedures used in the industry. We strive to recover any salvageable data for clients and ensure the integrity of the medium being recovered in the event it requires advanced clean room procedures. We are happy to say we have never lost any client data, and our recovery services offer up to a 90% success rate.

Data Backup Solutions

Do you know when your data was last backed up? We can help you implement local and cloud backup solutions to ensure your irreplaceable photos, documents, and other personal data is secure and recoverable in the event of a virus infection or system failure. We take pride in the fact that clients utilizing our backup solutions have never lost any personal data since we have been in business.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Need internet connectivity for your new tablet or wireless computer? We have you covered! Our technicians will come in and install personal equipment you have already purchased, or provide the equipment to get your wireless network up and functional in no time. Our clients personal Identity is also very important to us, so we ensure your devices are setup properly and secured with passwords that meet industry standards and security best practices.

Anti-Virus Software

One of the most common causes of personal computer issues is a system being infected with viruses, malware, spyware, and other rogue programs. We spend countless hours every year going over the data, charts, and comparatives to make sure we implement, recommend, and install the fastest most secure virus solution so that your system remains protected and in good health.

System Upgrades

On occasion parts and software will become outdated or damaged during the life-cycle of a personal computer. At times these parts can be replaced or upgraded at a fee much cheaper than purchasing a new system. We are happy to help diagnose and determine what parts may be causing you an issues with your system, and provide you trusted advise on the best resolution for correcting them.

System Purchasing

There are times when your system may unexpectedly die and the cost to fix it would be more expensive than just purchasing a new computer. We will happily provide you trusted advice so that when you go to purchase your next computer you don’t get upsold with more features and upgrades than you need for your personal use. We can also help purchase a computer for you to make the process even easier.

Identity Theft Protection

These days our computers can open us up to so much of the world. We can shop and purchase anything we want with the click of a mouse. We can also pay almost any bill via electronic banking. While all of these are great, technology also brings us closer to the criminal aspect of identity theft. We can help you with best practices to ensure the above actions, along with all of your other computer activity remains as secure and pleasant as possible.

Parental Controls

One of the most dangerous places for a child can be sitting right in the living room of your own home. The internet opens your child up to the world of online predators. If that is not scary enough, they speak a totally different language (code) so even if you are standing right next to your child monitoring their activities you may not know what is going on. We can help secure your computers and provide a great foundation to help you better navigate who can have contact with your child.

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