On-Site and Remote Technical Support

We offer both on-site and remote support for both our standard business clients as well as those customers in our IT Managed Services plans in Henderson Nevada as well as the surrounding Las Vegas Valley.

Our clients love the benefits and efficiency of our remote support services. It allows our Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians to quickly remote into a client’s computer and resolve 95% of issues that affect business workstations and devices.

The only time we normally are unable to resolve a situation remotely is when there has been a complete hardware failure or the workstation, server, or network device no longer has a connection to the internet.

If you are looking to improve response times and reduce downtime our On-site and Remote Support options are the answer. We cover all aspects of your business network infrastructure in Henderson, Boulder City, or Las Vegas Nevada we are a trusted provider in the IT sector

The other benefit in our remote support services is our response times.

Normally we have at least one staff member monitoring and supporting our Network Operations Center.

This allows us a much quicker response time as opposed to having to send a technician on-site while can result in up to 3 hour response times depending on the exact nature of the problem and the impact is has on the overall business health and productivity.

In the event that our technicians are not able to quickly diagnose and resolve the issues taking place in your company’s network infrastructure, then we appropriately schedule a technician to respond to your business location for remediation of the problem.

Our on-site response times vary depending on the impact of the issues and how it is affecting business productivity.

If their problem is minor and only impacting a non-vital task of one employee, then that issue is classified as a lower priority as opposed to an issue that is impacting the business server would could hinder many employees from conducting their work responsibilities.

In a situation of server having issues that would be considered a very high priority and we would dispatch someone much quicker, we would normally have a technician on location within an hour after the problem was reported or detected.

To learn more about our IT Managed Services plans and how we can help with your business technology needs please contact us below or give us a call at 702-509-1349

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