Mobile Device Management

Do your employees utilize their personal cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices while conducting business tasks? If so, then you should be implementing written policies as well as Mobile Device Management as part of your overall IT management practices.

It is estimated that somewhere between 65-70% of businesses and large scale corporations allow employees to utilize their personal mobile devices while conducting their job duties.

Over 70 million smartphones, laptops, and mobile devices are stolen or lost every year. Of those devices, it is estimated that only about 7-10 percent is returned to the original owner.

In the healthcare industry alone almost 50 percent of personal health information (PHI) involves data breaches which are a direct result of lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices.

Does your employees send and receive company emails from their mobile devices?

Do your employees make business purchases via their mobile devices?

Are your business files accessible via mobile devices?

Do your employees access or utilize versions of your company line of business applications via mobile devices?

Do your employees store client or vendor contact information on their personal mobile devices?

If any of the above apply to your current business arrangements then our Mobile Device Management solutions can assist with creating a more secure mobile user experience for employees while protecting your business assets and data in the process.

Our services cover both personal devices which are considered (BYOD) bring your own device environments along with devices owned and provided to employees by your company.

In this day and technological age mobile devices are becoming one of the most targeted devices of cybercriminals. With the mass amounts of data now located on mobile devices such as your smartphone criminals can access the most private of personal information as well as business related information by obtaining an insecure device, or by rouge applications and exploits that can be installed on the device to leak personal and business data.

Our Mobile Device Management solutions in Henderson, Nevada and the surrounding valley allow us to implement strictly enforced security measures while also implementing remote support and monitoring for devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Mobile Device Management solutions include:

  • Enforce the use of Passcode Protection
  • Remotely wipe device and important company data
  • Application Download and Installation Restrictions
  • Device Remote Configuration and Setup
  • Remotely Install and Manage Business Email Accounts
  • Location and Tracking of Lost or Stolen Devices

If you are ready to take steps in securing the mobile device experience of your employees while also protecting the assets and data of your business contact us below for more information about our free network security risk assessment we offer to all businesses.

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