Managed Anti-Virus Solutions

With the increasing attempts at intrusion, hacking, and evolving virus infections our Managed AntiVirus Solutions can help to secure and protect your business networking infrastructure and data.

Do you know what Anti-Virus solutions are currently installed on your office computer?

Are you using the same Anti-Virus software on all workstations and servers?

Do you know the most recent infections that attempted to compromise your systems?

When was the last full scan performed on your workstations or server computer?

How often are your workstations, server, and network infrastructure scanned for infections and vulnerabilities?

Are all of your workstations and server Anti-Virus programs running the most recent updates and virus definitions?

On average almost 50 percent of internet users will encounter malicious software while utilizing their computer each year.

The majority of systems infected or compromised were made up of users utilizing Windows as their operating system; this accounted for over 80 percent of those who had been affected in the last year.

Mac users were also affected but those cases occurred to under 15 percent of users.

Our Managed Anti-Virus solutions and other IT Managed Services in Henderson, Nevada and the surrounding Las Vegas Valley are here to help assist in protecting your company workstations and servers.

To learn more about our Managed Anti-Virus Solutions or other IT Managed Services that we provide to business and corporate level customers give us a call at 702-509-1349 or contact us below.

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