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Computer Services Designed With Your Law Firm In Mind

Is your law firm or legal team seeking an experienced IT Service Provider to help support your practice with its computer hardware equipment and software application needs?Our Legal Solutions in Henderson, Nevada are the answer to your firms technology needs

Would you like to ensure your law firm is compliant with the new HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards that now effect attorneys practicing law?

Do you need a secure, reliable, automated, and monitored backup solution to protect all of your business information and files?

Our Legal Technology Services and Solutions in Henderson, Nevada and the surrounding Las Vegas Valley are the answer to your problems.

Our Legal Technology Services include:

Data Backup, virtualization, and HIPAA compliance solutions for e-discovery, archiving, as well as document management and organization.

Hosted Email Exchange Services provide you reliable calendar, contacts, and message syncing across all of your devices with added archiving and encryption options if needed.

Secure VPN Mulit-Office Connectivity Support allows you to share files, applications, and other resources with all employees at multiple office locations.

Compliant File Storage and sync across all devices allows partners and attorneys access to their files and data while traveling or participating in court activities.

Proactive System Security and Networking Monitoring ensure your office network infrastructure provides your firm and employees the most reliable continuity of your business activities, reducing the amount of downtime and lost revenue each year.

We assist firms valley wide in achieving their specific goals through our in-depth analysis of your current business needs and practices while assessing your existing technology to develop solutions that will enable a healthy and successful growth of your practice.

Leverage our vast experience and training today to ensure the continuity and health of your Legal firm’s network is running at optimal performance.

We not only help with your IT support needs, but assist you with implementing policies and procedures to increase your staffs efficiency and productivity while also reducing your overall network costs along with mitigating the risks associated with your IT hardware, software, and business data.

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