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Are you looking for reliable email services for your business that can also provide increased prevention of spam, viruses, and phishing attempts targeted towards your employees? Then look no further than our hosted email exchange services.

Do your employees need access to their email accounts remotely?

Are you in need of a shared business calendar with mobile syncing abilities?

Do you need employees to have access to a shared list of business contacts and associates?

How much time and productivity do you have to lose every year as a direct result of your employees being bombarded daily with spam and non-relevant email solicitations. With a growing number of business-to-business (B2B) and businesses-to-consumer (B2C) companies utilizing email for communications, others are attempting to utilize it for more nefarious reasons.

Our Hosted Exchange Email services in Henderson, Nevada and the greater Las Vegas Valley are the solution to your email problems.

According to IT industry expert’s approximately 300+ billion worldwide emails are sent out daily, with between fifty-five and sixty percent of those emails containing spam, viruses, malware, or other social engineering tactics.

Each unsolicited email your employees receive have the potential to present an even greater risk to your overall company security and network assets. We aim to reduce those risks by working with your company to establish guidelines, training, and other hosted email exchange tools that aid and prepare your employees for this evolving risk.

Our Hosted Exchange Email services include:

  • Virus, spam, malware, and phishing filters to reduce the likelihood of a breach to your network security.
  • Provide email solutions from trusted providers that ensure and uptime guarantee.
  • Reliable prompt recovery solutions for unplanned disasters as well as network outages.
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance requirements for retention and reporting.
  • Fully integrated secure email encryption features.
  • Email standards that meet the requirements for HIPAA, HiTECH, SOX, and other governmental regulations.
  • Advanced collaborate between employees utilizing shared assets such as calendars and contacts.

We strive to prevent or mitigate risk before they reach your employee or sensitive network infrastructure. We also work with your business to reduce the costs associated with your email environment while helping you and your employees move toward best practices in the digital age.

The digital age and your business technology footprint are changing at a staggeringly fast pace. We implement cloud based hosted email exchange in an effort to provide a more robust and cost effective solution for your business communication needs. The cost of running an enterprise level exchange server on premise can easily enter 15,000.00 or more if you factor in hardware, software, and maintenance time alone. We work to offset those costs as well as other savings we strive to find when we become your trusted partner in technology.

Find out more about how we can help with your email needs, reduce overall IT costs, navigate the vastly changing security landscape, as well as provide other needed technology support with our IT Managed Services in Henderson Nevada.

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