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Is your computer indicating that Windows has detected a hard disk problem on your personal computer? This may be a sign that you should perform a backup before you need to utilize our data recovery services.

Does your computer not boot or attempts to perform a hard disk check when you turn it on?

Did you accidentally install Windows or reformat your drive before backing it up?

Do you have desktop or laptop computers that no longer work, but you would like access to the data stored on their drives?

Have you accidentally deleted important business or personal files located on your hard drive, a USB thumb drive, or other form of external media? Does your hard drive no longer spin up or power on? Is your hard drive making a clicking or grinding noise?

If you are experiencing computer hard drive failure and cannot access your information then our data recovery services in Henderson, Nevada, Boulder City, and the surrounding Vegas Valley can help with the recovery operation.

The unfortunate truth is that if you are not utilizing both a local backup and a cloud backup solution then you will eventually need to utilize a data recovery service to retrieve some of your valuable data.

The standard platter type hard drive found in most personal use computers last for between 2-3 years on average. There are many variables that can reduce that lifespan, such as the drive brand and the intensity of use.

Loss of data is usually broken down into two categories: hardware or hard drive failure and user error. If you have accidentally deleted some of your personal files, reformatted your hard drive without backing up, or your computer will no longer turn on we can normally recover all of your personal data in one of our office locations.

In the event of hardware failure we normally still have an approximate 30-40 percent success rate in recovering your data from dying devices. If we are unable to perform a successful recover of data due to severe or complete hard drive failure, we have a data recovery partner who can perform clean room recovery procedures for our clients at a 40-60% cheaper rate than other clean room data recovery centers.

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