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Do you have all of your personal memories, pictures, documents, tax files, music, and other critical data on a secure backup solution? If not our data backups services are the answer to secure your personal information.

Do you have a secondary local data backup solution in place? Do you know when the last time your data was in-fact backed up? Have you lost personal data in the past?

We can help you secure your personal data with our residential data backup solutions in Henderson, Nevada and surrounding Las Vegas cities.

We partner with three mainstream well known service providers to provide our residential computer repair clients with the backup security they need. Our partners utilize the most current security protocols in the cloud to ensure that you, and only you, have access to the data that you store in your cloud backups. Additionally they take the added steps to send you daily, weekly, or monthly updates on the status and completion of each back procedure that takes place on your personal computer.

We can also help you implement a local backup solution on your personal computer as well. A local solution consists of adding an external hard drive to your computer and installing new or utilizing current software to also automate a system backup onto the new external drive from your personal computer’s hard drive.

Our backup solutions are compatible with most operating systems including: Windows, Apple (MAC), Linux, iOS Devices (Apple iPhones, iPads) and Android devices (Mobile Phones and Tablets).

We also offer a wide variety of Business Level Securely Monitored Backup solutions via our IT Managed Services plans or you can contact us below for more information.
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