Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you performing all the steps necessary to ensure your data is protected in the event of a catastrophe? Our cloud data backup and disaster recovery solutions are here to ensure your company does not become another statistic in the event of an unforeseen situation.

How valuable is your business data?

Statistics show that on average, over 90% of businesses who suffer a significant data loss will not survive. In a study performed by the University of Texas, out of the companies who suffered a significant loss over 40% of the companies never reopened from the experience, and just over 50% of those companies closed their entire business within 2 years of the event.

We provide companies a robust and reliable data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plan in Henderson, Nevada, as well as businesses in Boulder City and Las Vegas.

We implement a well detailed data backup and disaster recovery plan that is customized to your specific business needs. Our backup solution consist of two phases, commonly implemented on your business server and other mission critical computers within your network.

Phase 1 – Consists of a secure remoter cloud backup solutions to establish a safe vault of your company data that is not housed within your office location.

Phase 2 – Consists of a securely encrypted local backup solution that is established on the server and remains on premise around the clock.

You are probably wondering why you would need or want two backup solutions.

Is a single backup not enough to cover our needs?

The truth is, the more redundant fail safe systems that are in place equals a lesser chance of exposing your business data to other forms of data loss or errors.

We implement cloud backup solutions to ensure that if the business location were to encounter fire, flood, natural disaster, or other forms of unforeseeable issues we have a safe data set that can be restored in the event of hardware damage, property loss, theft, or destruction.

The implementation of our bare metal local backup solutions provides two important benefits which are why we pair it with the cloud backup solution.

First the bare metal local backup solution allows us the flexibility to restore the complete server state, operating system, users, files, and all functionality of the server in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. Commonly if a server failed without a bare metal backup solution in place it could take technicians from 1 day to many days to get the business back functional depending on the complexity of the servers’ configuration. With a bare metal backup, restore the server could be restored and functional in a matter of hours as opposed to days. Thus greatly reducing the amount of business and employee downtime in the process.

The second benefit of our bare metal local backup solution also factors around restore times. With a local backup it provides us a prompt way to recover files instantly (without the need to download via the internet) in the event of accidental deletion, accidental overwriting of files, file corruption, or other instances where a restore may need to take place. This also applies in the event of a catastrophic failure or loss to company services or hardware. If your company has a lot of data we must rely upon your business internet connection to restore an online backup. If we are dealing with hundreds of gigabytes of data, or commonly terabytes of data these days it could take weeks or months to perform the cloud backup restore.

With our local backup solution in place we could perform that task at a much quicker rate as we already have a psychical copy of the data on hand in our bare metal restore images. Thus again restoring your company services much quicker so you can continue to perform critical business tasks.

So we know what the data backup solution covers, but what is the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

In the event of a natural disaster do you have a plan in place to insure the integrity of your business operations?

If you experience a fire at your location that destroys your computer and networking equipment would you know where to start to get business operations functional again? What if someone breaks into your business and steals primary network equipment such as your company workstations or server?

With our Disaster Recovery plans we create a very detailed written process as well as a customized set of procedures that can be utilized to recover your normal business functionality and networking infrastructure in the event of a natural, environmental, or man-made disaster.

This is essentially a comprehensive list of tasks and actions that must be taken in order to restore the functionality of your IT network before, during, and after a disaster.

The objective is to always have a fail-over to ensure the continuity of your business infrastructure and ensure your business is able to function in a critical time of need.

We include items and tasks such as contacting your local authorities, contacting your company insurance provider, establishing a temporary business location, establishing utility services (i.e., telephone, internet, etc.) at the temporary business location, sourcing and purchasing replacement networking equipment, implementing our data recovery procedures as noted above, and many other essential tasks that would be needed in order to reestablish your business operation from the ground up at another location.

We are always here to help and assist our current as well as our new clients in the technology sector. If your business is in need of reliable solutions to protect company data and assets we are a trusted partner in Henderson Nevada and the greater Las Vegas Valley. Contact us below to see how we can help your business become more profitable with our IT support.

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