Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

Anti-Virus Protection is one of the most critical pieces of software that a business should ensure is installed on every workstation and server that is located on the network. We can help ensure your network is protected from vulnerabilities by assisting you with implementing properly tested and trusted security software.

Server Upgrades & Migration

A business server maintains all critical company data in a centralized location to allow your users to interact and conduct business during your companies daily tasks. In order to continue functioning at optimal performance you must ensure that it receives proper maintenance as well as being replaced on a regular schedule to prevent costly failures and downtime. We specialized is server maintenance and migrations.

Cloud & Local Data Backup Solutions

If you are not utilizing at least two different methods to backup and secure your company data you are putting the overall well-being of your business at risk. According to statistical reports almost 70 percent of businesses shutdown within a year of loosing or experiencing a major data loss event. We implement on-site and off-site solutions to ensure you never have to worry about the continuity of your business data.

Network Management

A lot of businesses focus on the main aspects of their network such as workstations and servers but all of your network equipment is imperative in order to ensure a smooth functional network with maximum Uptime. We not only manage your major equipment but also encompass the small items such as printers, switches, routers, and your modem to assist with reducing network downtime.

Data Recovery Services

If you have experienced the unfortunate event of having a server or workstation hard drive failure that contained critical business data then you understand the importance of utilizing a great backup. If you are not utilizing our monitored cloud and local backup solutions and encounter data loss or equipment failure we utilize proprietary data recovery methods that have 75% or higher success rate. If we are unable to recover the data we partner with a clean room service that offers the best prices available to our customers.

Security Audits

Do you know what your employees are doing on your business network? Social engineering is quickly becoming the chosen method of exploitation that intruders are utilizing in order to gain access to your network infrastructure. We can assist you in further securing and hardening your network to mitigate and reduce the risk of an intrusion. We also utilizes tools and hardware to check your current network health and security to ensure there is not already a breach that has occurred.

System Upgrades

With the ever changing technology environment sometimes your best option is to upgrade or improve existing hardware (computers) instead of new purchases. An example is the many recent releases of Windows (8, 8.1, 10) operating systems of which do not require or justify purchasing a new workstation in order to utilize the software. We are happy to assist with both software and hardware upgrades as well as and give you an honest opinion of the most economical way to pursue these improvements.

LOB Application Support

We offer support for a long list of specialty business applications that you may currently be using to operate your business or practice. We provide services that encompass law, dental, optometry, accounting (CPA’s), storage rental, chiropractic, and general doctoral services. A short list of some supported software’s are: Open Dental, Tiger View, Drake Tax, Lacerte Tax, Eaglesoft, Timeslips, Quickbooks, WinSen Sentinel, and Time Matters by Lexis Nexis to just list a few. See out detailed page for further information.

Remote & On-Site Tech Support

We provide only certified and properly trained technicians to provide our services both on-site at your business locations, or our technicians can pickup and take the equipment needing repair back to one of our offices locations to perform the services needed. You may also to choose to meet one of your technicians at our psychical locations to drop-off equipment for services.

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